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Another great example of a couple session at home was Davina and Gordon’s engagement shoot. We visited them in their home in Edinburgh. Their beautiful Spaniel joined us for this session and it was the cosiest thing ever. Engagement photos from Edinburgh below.

It was super cold outside but for the second half of our shoot we decided to visit one of their favourite parks nearby.

Have we mentioned how much we love shooting in peoples homes (haha, yes we have) – at least for part of their session with us. Habitat. Your natural habitat. Where you feel at home. Love. It.


Film look photos-4165


These guys are so lovely. Davina is just full of energy, she is an amazing mama to Pip (their spaniel) and she is a brilliant organiser. And Gordon… Gordon has this very calming presence and is blessed with a really-really great sense of humour. He makes her laugh. And we love that about him.

I mean the photos speak for themselves.

Davina and Gordon were our first ever Scottish engagement and then later wedding couple. We have an entire list of places we would like to visit, places that inspire us and Scotland was definitely on the list from the start. We are praying for many more Scottish weddings to come. Terrible weather most days, yes, but wonderfully friendly and kind people, and gorgeous views and clean air, AND Good Light. It honestly was a real privilege to be invited to Edinburgh.


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