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We met Jess and Sam for their engagement session on the last sunny and summery day of the year here in London. These two were all smiles and laughter throughout the entire time and we had so much fun getting to know them a little better. Jess and Sam are having a California wedding next year, however living in London their one wish was to take some of their engagement photos at Stockwell tube station.

Reason no. 1: The surname they will be sharing soon.

Reason no. 2: Jess is the biggest London Underground fan we have ever met. And we absolutely LOVE her for it!

After the tube station we visited their wonderful and cosy cottage where Sam our designated bar(r)ist(er)a for the day made excellent flat whites and we enjoyed the last rays of sun of 2019 in the backyard. We had a little time left and so we headed towards Richmond Park where we ended our session just so we can max it out with the perfect summer weather for the year.

Jess Sam Engaged-1663

If you haven’t booked a session for your engagement photos yet, now is the time. We are very grateful to be always receiving super sweet feedback from our couples after their engagement / pre-wedding sessions that they usually describe as relaxed, romantic, fun, a “really nice bonding experience” for them to have, and “a whole lot more enjoyable than they had imaged an engagement session to be”, haha.

And really, the time you spend having your engagement photos taken with your lover / soulmate / partner / future-spouse is a time you are allowed to concentrate on each other, in a relaxed atmosphere that we always thrive to create, spending time doing things you both most love. Whether that’s taking a tour in the London tube, cosying up at home making beautiful coffee, taking a walk in the neighbourhood, visiting your favourite places, or just laying in bed watching your favourite movie – totally up to you. We just want your personalities and connection to shine through the images. It’s what we like to look at (selfish) and it’s what we want you to look at for years to come. It only make sense for us to capture real humans and real love. Slightly curated – for the sake of some “aesthetics considerations” -, yes. Yes, we may temporarily remove your bright coloured sticky notes in the background or yesterday’s Asos delivery from the coffee table. Oh yeah, if you’re having us over for photos in your natural habitat, in your home be prepared that ever-so-carefully but we may actually move small objects around. Haha. Rarely even pieces of furniture for the sake of Good Light. But keeping it real nonetheless.

If Jess and Sam’s below images inspire you to book your own engagement session OR couple session (you don’t have to be engaged to have us capture The Love), contact us here.

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Jess Sam Engaged-1677

Jess Sam Engaged-1681

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